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REAL PLAS 332, a high-performance and strength increasing admixture for improving concrete that complies with ASTM C494 Type D, B5 5075 and AS 1478 specifications.

The dispersing properties of REAL PLAS 332 reduces the natural cement interparticle attraction in water by forming a coating on the cement particles. The action of arresting natural agglomeration exposes a larger surface area to the hydration process resulting in an increase in the gel formation, thereby producing denser close-textured concrete with enhanced durability

Pumped concrete
Readymixed concrete
Precast and pre-stressed concrete
Concrete where normal setting characteristics are required
Increased workability
Better finishes for flatwork and cast surface
Greater pumpability
Reduced segregation
Increased compressive and flexural strength
Economical to use
Reduced Permeability
Properties REAL PLAS 332 is formulated from a selected highly purified lignosulphonate and it does not contain calcium chloride
Recommended Dosage REAL PLAS 332 is recommended at a dosage rate 450ml +- 100ml per 100kg cement for most concrete mixes containing average concrete ingredients. The dosage rate can be modified to fit variations in cement, aggregate or job conditions or where special performance characteristics are required. It is recommends that special mix designs with dosage rates outside recommended rate, be developed in consultation with our representative to achieve specified requirements.
Effect of
An overdose of double the recommended rate of REAL PLAS 332 will result in significant retardation. When overdosing occurs, it is important to maintain adequate curing so that the ultimate strength of the concrete will not be adversely affected but will increase
Packaging REAL PLAS 332 is supplied in bulk by metered tanker or sealed 205 litre drums
Dispensing REAL POINT SDN BHD will supply and install a complete line of electrically-operated automatic dispensing equipment. Our technical department can assist with recommendations on suitable dispensing equipment and installation to meet unique job site and conditions.
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