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REAL SET 233, a water-reducing, set retarding admixture for improving concrete that complies with ASTM C494 Type B and Type D, B5 5075 and AS 1478 specifications.

REAL SET-233 is a liquid water-reducing and set-retarding admixture for concrete. It contain modified lignosulfonic has been formulated to give optimum performance in reducing water, retarding the setting to facilitate placing and finishing. REAL SET-233 does not contain chloride or other potentially corroding material. REAL SET-233 are compatible to use with silica fume, fly ash and blast furnace slag.

Hot weather concreting
Increased workability
Better finishes for flatwork and cast surface
Greater pumpability
Reduced segregation and permeability
Improve Slump Retention at Elevated Temperature
Reduced Shrinkage and Crack
Easier to place concrete, save time and labour cost
Improve Durability
Reduction of coment content without loss of strength
Ready Mixed concrete
Precast and pre-stressed concrete
Pump Concrete
Mass concrete placement in single pour
Concrete where extended setting characteristics are required
Surface Retarder
How Much To Use REAL SET-233 is recommended at a dosage rate 700ml +- 100ml per 100kg cement for most concrete mixes containing average concrete ingredients. The dosage rate can be modified to fit variations in cement, aggregate or job conditions or where special performance characteristics are required. It is recommends that special mix designs with dosage rates outside recommended rate, be developed in consultation with our representative to achieve specified requirements.
The Effect
of Overdosing
An overdose of double the recommended rate of REAL SET-233 will result in significant retardation. When overdosing occurs, it is important to maintain adequate curing so that the ultimate strength of the concrete will not be adversely affected but will increase
How Is It
REAL SET-233 is supplied in 205 litre drum or in bulk by metered tanker
Dispensing REAL POINT SDN BHD will supply and install a complete line of electrically-operated automatic dispensing equipment. Our technical department can assist with recommendations on suitable dispensing equipment and installation to meet unique job site and conditions.
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