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Water Reducing / Set Retarding Admixture
REAL MIX meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C494 Type D dan BS 5075. It provides a controlled rate of setting for hot weather concreting.

How It Works REAL MIX is a liquid water-reducing and set retarding admixture for concrete. It contains modified lignosulphonates and has been formulated to give optimum performance in reducing water and controlling setting time of concrete. REAL MIX does not contain chloride or other potentially corroding materials.
The Benefits
Plastic Concrete Hardened Concrete
Reduces segregation Increase strength
Reduces water requirements Reduces cracking
Improves workability Reduces permeability
Improves finishability Improves finished appearance
Controls rate of set    
Uses • Control Setting Time
• Reduce Water
How Much To Use REAL MIX is recommended at a dosage rate 400ml - 600ml per 100kg cement for most concrete mixes containing average concrete ingredients. The dosage rate can be modified to fit variations in cement, aggregate or job conditions or where special performance characteristics are required. It is recommends that special mix designs with dosage rates outside recommended rate be developed in consultation with our representative to achieve specified requirements. The optimum dosage should be determined by site trails with the particular raw materials. As a guide, the dosage rate is normally in the range of 0.4 litres to 0.6 litres per 100 kg of cement.
How Is It Supplied REAL MIX is supplied in 205 litre drums or bulk delivery. REAL MIX should be stored above 4°C and protected from frost.
The shelf life of REAL MIX is about 12 months.
Dispensing REAL POINT SDN BHD will supply and install a complete line of electrically-operated automatic dispensing equipment. Our technical department can assist with recommendations on suitable dispensing equipment and installation to meet unique job site and conditions.