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REAL MICROAIRAIR, an air-entraining agent for concrete that complies with ASTM C260 and BS 5075 specifications.

General Description REAL MICROAIR is an air-entraining agent for concrete and mortar. It contains neutralized Vinsol Resin. It may be added to the concrete at job site or at ready-mixed concrete plant for maximum ease of use. No chloride is use in its formulation; consequently it is recommended for lightweight concrete and pre-stressed concrete. lt is also compatible with waterproofing agent and other admixture. However, each material should be added to the concrete separately, REAL MICROAIR can be use to obtain up to 10% - 20% weight reduction without reducing the handling workability.

Do not use other superplasticizer or water-reducing agent in the mix with REAL MICROAIR. It is compatible with selected REAL POINT's water-reducing agent and superplasticizer.
Recommended For
Production of air-entrainment concrete
Production of lightweight concrete
Topping up concrete and screeding application
Civil engineering applications such as soil stabilization, backfilling trenches, plugging unused pipelines, etc.
Advantages /
Increases durability
Reduces segregation and bleeding
Improves workability and plasticity
Reduces water requirement thereby reducing permeability
Increases the yield of concrete by the percentage of air-entrained
Recommended Dosage
REAL MICROAIR is recommended at a typical dosage rate of 50ml - 200ml per 100kg of cement depending on the amount of air-entrainment require. lf Silica Fume and Fly Ash are incorporate with the amount of REAL MICROAIR needed is twice the amount required in the mixes containing cement only. The exact dosage of REAL MICROAIR needed for a given air content of concrete is to be ascertaining first with local concrete raw material constituents. The dosage rate can be modified to fit variations in cement, aggregate or job conditions or where special performance characteristics are required.

REAL POINT SDN BHD recommends that special mix designs with dosage rates outside recommended rate, to contact our representatives to achieve specified requirements.
Packaging REAL MICROAIR is supplied in 5 litres, 20 litres pail and sealed 205 litres drum.
Storage / Shelf Life REAL MICROAIR can be stored for 1 year in tightly sealed original drum or pail.
Health and
Safety Precaution
Inhalation : In case of discomfort, move to a ventilated area.
Skin Contact : Flush skin thoroughly with water.
Eye Contact : Flush eyes with water and carefully rinse under eyelids. If initation persists, consult a physician.
Ingestion :
Immediately rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If conditions worsen, consult a physician immediately.
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