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REAL FUME, is a ready-to-use powdered microsilica concrete admixture. This product reacts chemically with the calcium hydroxide in the cement paste which yields a calcium silicate hydrate gel that greatly enhances strength and durability. The ultra fine microsilica fills the voids between cement particles creating a highly dense, less permeable concrete. REAL FUME meets the requirements of ASTM C 1240, standard provisions.

Primary Applications
High strength concrete
High density concrete
Bridge decks
Parking structures
Marine environments
Basement and underground structures
Precast concrete and etc
The Benefits
High ultimate compressive and flexural strength for stronger and durable structural capacity
High early strength gain for faster turnaround time
Low permeability for greater resistance to water and salt penetration
lncreased abrasion and chemical resistance for a longer life expectancy
Greatly improved freezelthaw and scaling resistance
lmproves concrete performance to reduce column size, increase production and lower transportation and erection costs
The Technical Properties
Appearance : Gray powder
Specific gravity : 2.2
Bulk Density approx. : 481kg / m3
Recommended Dosage REAL FUME is normally used at the rate of 5o/o - 15o/oby weight of cement. It is batched at the ready-mix plant in a manner similar to cement or other cementitious materials such as fly ash and granulated slag. REAL FUME is recommended to be used with a high-range water reducer in order to provide maximum workability while maintaining the desired low water/cement ratio.
Note : For direction on the proper use of REAL FUME in specific applications, Please contact our sales representative.
How ls lt Supplied REAL FUME is supplied in 20kg and 25kg bag. This product is also
available in 1.2mt bulk bag.
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