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REAL FLOW 611, a high-range water-reducing and strength-accelerating admixture for excellent extended slump retention and high-early strength concrete that complies with ASTM C494 Type A and Type F, AS 1478 and BS 5075 specifications.

General Description The dispersing and fluidifying properties of REAL FLOW 611 inhibits the natural agglomeration of cement particles in water to a degree of repellency not achievable by conventional admixtures. The improved dispersion of cement particles increases cohesion, both in the flowing and plastic consistency. This increase in cohesion minimizes segregation and bleeding in high quality concrete with exceptional high early and ultimate strength.

REAL FLOW 611 allows substantial reduction in water/cement ratio without cement increase. The reduction of water reduces porosity and improves impermeability while accelerating early compressive strength at 24 hours.

REAL FLOW 611 enhances dispersion of cement particles and minimizes segregation and bleeding. The increase in cohesion gives improved surface texture and excellent engineering properties in the hardened state.

It is a blend of synthetic plasticizer of modified sulphonated naphthalene that gives a substantially longer working life than melamine-based plasticizer. It does not contain calcium chloride.
Recommended for
REAL FLOW 611 is recommended where there is a requirement for special qualities of :-
Exceptional high-early and ultimate strengths for pre-stressed, post-tensioned, spun piles, poles and precasts concrete work to achieve faster casting cycles and eliminate steam curing or autoclaving periods.
Free-flowing, high-slump, self-compacting concrete for faster and easier placing around congested reinforcements.
Improves and superior finishing texture in plastic concrete for flatwork, cast surfaces and superior engineering properties in hardened concrete.
Compatibility with sulphate-resistant cement or marine aggregate for durable, impermeable and high-strength pre-stressed, reinforced or marine concrete structures.
Increases resistance to air-entrained concrete to damage from freezing, thawing and scaling from de-icing salts when use in conjunction with air-entraining cements and admixtures complying with ASTM, ASSHTO, CRD and BSI specifications.
Advantages /
Workability and Place ability: REAL FLOW 611 superplasticizer produces high-flowing self-levelling concrete that does not require compacting during placing. The water reducing properties of REAL FLOW 611 allows ready-mix concrete to be placed in a rheoplastic slump range above 200mm.
Recommended Dosage Real FLOW 611 is recommended at a typical dosage rate of 500ml - 1,400ml per 100kg cement for most concrete mixes containing average concrete ingredients. The dosage rate can be modified to fit variations in cement, aggregate or job conditions or where special performance characteristics are required.

REAL POINT SDN BHD recommended that special mix designs with dosage rates outside recommended rate or with cement reductions be developed in consultation with our representatives to achieve specified requirements.
Effects Of
An overdose of double the recommended rate of REAL FLOW 611 will result in increasing workability and slight retardation. The concrete must then be protected from elements and allowed to cure normally. The ultimate compressive strength will not be adversely affected.
Packaging REAL FLOW 611 is supplied in by bulk by tanker or sealed 205 litres drum.
Storage / Shelf Life REAL FLOW 611 can be stored for 6 months in tank and 1 year in tightly sealed original drum.
Dispensing REAL POINT SDN BHD will supply and install a complete line of electrically-operated automatic dispensing equipment. Our technical department can assist with recommendations on suitable dispensing equipment and installation to meet unique job site and conditions.
Health and
Safety Precaution
Inhalation In case of discomfort, move to a ventilated area.
Skin Contact Flush skin thoroughly with water.
Eye Contact Flush eyes with water and carefully rinse under eyelids. If irritation persists, consult a physician.
Ingestion Immediately rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If conditions worsen, consult a physician immediately.
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