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REAL FIBRE is an engineered polypropylene fibre designed specifically for secondary reinforcing of concrete.

General Description REAL FIBRE are true monofilaments that totally disperse into the concrete mix when added at the batch plant or at the job site.

REAL FIBRE is available in various length and denier to provide optimum strength, reduced cracking and long-term concrete durability.

Material - Polypropylene
Specific gravity - 0.92
Alkali resistance - Excellent
Acid resistance - Excellent
Fibre length - 19mm
Fibre count - Over 18.5 million per kg (0.6kg)
Fibre type - Monofilament
Density - 2.37kg/m³
Colour - White
Absorption - Nil
Tensile strength - 75,000 psi(min) (517 MPa)
Modulus of elasticity - 0.55 x 106 psi (3793 MPa)
Ignition point - Over 1,000°F (538°C)
Melt point - 325°F (163°C)
Electrical conductivity - Low
Dosage rate - 0.6kg - 1.8kg / m³
Standard dosage - 0.6kg / m³
Recommended For
Footings, foundations, walls and tanks
Concrete pipe, burial vaults and pre-stressed beams
Flatwork of industrial, commercial and residential concrete projects
Advantages /
Plastic Concrete
Reduces segregation
Minimizes bleed water
Controls or eliminates plastic shrinkage cracks
Provides three-dimensional reinforcing versus two-dimensional with wire mesh
Hardened Concrete
Reduces cracking
Increases strengths
Reduces permeability
Increases surface durability
Faster form removal, Reduces in-place cost versus concrete with wire mesh, Easy to use can be added to the concrete mix at any time prior to concrete placement
Recommended Dosage REAL FIBRE can be added any time prior to placement of the concrete. It is recommended that it be added at the ready-mix concrete plant during batching as it works equally well when introduced at the job site. It must be mixed with the concrete for a minimum of 5 minutes at maximum drum speed to assure total dispersion and uniformity.
Packaging REAL FIBRE is supplied in cartons (1 carton = 30 bags @ 0.6kg per bag)
Storage / Shelf Life REAL FIBRE can be stored for 1 year in tightly sealed original bag.
Health and
Safety Precaution
Inhalation In case of discomfort, move to a ventilated area.
Skin contact Flush skin thoroughly with water.
Eye contact Flush eyes with water and carefully rinse under eyelids. If irritation persists, consult a physician.
Ingestion Immediately rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If conditions worsen, consult a physician immediately.
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