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REAL EASE 800WB effective chemical release agent for all types of concrete formworks

How It
Real Ease 800WB series of oils are carefully balanced blend of high quality mineral oil combined with an effective emulsifier and good wetting agent for concrete mould release purpose. They are formulated to provide an excellent stain-free finish on concrete and clean, quick release characteristics for metal, fiberglass and plastic forms. These products afford excellent rust protection to metal forms and are compatible with all caulking compounds
The Benefits
Facilitates easy removal of formwork
No stain or discoloration to concrete surface
Will not affect the bonding of tiles, render or paint to be applied later

Where To Use

REAL EASE 800WB is suitable for all type of formwork and other areas where concrete buildup
How Much To Use Clean all surface prior to application of REAL EASE 800WB. Apply thinly and evenly using spray, mop or roller brush to get better efficiency.

REAL EASE 800WB is a very economical version of form oil. It should be diluted with water before use. Recommend water to oil ratio 4 : 1 (square mould), 6 : 1 (round mould).
How Is It Supplied REAL EASE 800WB is supplied in 205 litre drum