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REAL EASE 800A, an effective chemical release agent for all types of concrete formworks.

The reduction of alkalis in water of the concrete with the applied release agent on the form will create a thin film which prevent any bond developing between the concrete and formwork thus enabling the formwork to be stripped easily
REAL EASE 800A is suitable for all type of formwork and other areas where concrete buildup or rusting is underdesired
Advantages /

Facilities easy removal of formwork
Prevent rusting of metal form
Ensuring longer life span of timber form
No stain or discoloration to concrete surface
Will not effect the bonding of tiles, render or paint to be applied later
Reduces the incidence of air pockets and tendency for surface spalling at corners
Recommended Dosage REAL EASE 800A is a very economical version of form oil. It shall be diluted with diesel before use. Recommended diesel to REAL EASE 800A ratio is 20 : 1
Coverage Timber Formwork : 1 litre of 800A (after dilution) will cover approximately 20m
Metal Formwork : 1 litre of 800A (after dilution) will cover approximately 30m
Method Of Use Clean all surface prior to application of REAL EASE 800A. Apply thinly and evenly using spray, mop or rollers brush to get better efficiency

Prevent excessive buildup or puddles as it may cause retardation of concrete on the areas

Should spillage occur on the reinforcement, the contaminated area is to be removed by using a cloth/rag dampened with turpentine or coat it with cement slurry to react wit hthe release agent and this slurry should be brush off prior to concrete pouring
Packaging REAL EASE 800A is supplied in 5 litre, 20 litre and 205 litre drum
Healthy and
Safety Precaution
Avoid inhalation of vapours and ensure adequate ventilation. Suitable gloves and face protection should be wear, if it comes into contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment (do not induce vomiting). Accidental skin contact occur should be remove immediately with soap and water (do not use solvent).
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