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REAL CURE 112, an acrylic co-polymer emulsion-based concrete curing compound with excellent non-yellowing properties.

The rate of cement hydration has a profound effect on the capillary porosity of the cement paste and ultimately the compressive and flexural strength and durability of the finished concrete. In hot weather condition, rapid surface hydration and premature water loss can result in plastic shrinkage cracks. The application of a membrane-forming curing compound forms a continuous film that completely seals the surface thereby restricting rapid evaporation and enabling efficient cement hydration.

REAL CURE 112 is a milky white acrylic co-polymeric emulsion liquid membrane-curing compound that cures to a clear film with excellent non-yellowing properties.
REAL CURE 112 is suitable for curing of all general purpose freshly placed concrete and mortar for indoors and outdoors such as : -
Roof decks
Retaining wall
Concrete floors
Pre-cast elements
Pre-stressed beams
Exposed architectural concrete
Advantages /

Fast forming, continuous, non-staining, non-yellowing clear film for clean stain-free concreteor render surfaces
Easy cost saving and time-saving application that eliminates the conventional inconvenient curing methods and damp hessian.
Facilitates efficient hydration of cement and reduces surface shrinkage and cracking for achieving maximum concrete properties
Recommended Dosage REAL CURE 112 coverage depends on the method application, the texture and the porosity of the surface :-
On smooth dense surface coverage are approximately 12m² per 1 litre
On porous rough surface coverage are approximately 6m² per 1 litre

REAL CURE 112 can be used without dilution. Apply REAL CURE 112 after the final finishing operations as soon as the concrete or mortar surface has hardened sufficiently to prevent marring. Surface to receive REAL CURE 112 must be applied immediately after striking the formwork. A delay in the application will allow substantial loss of moisture thereby reducing the effectiveness of the curing membrane.

REAL CURE 112 can be applied with a low-pressure sprayer, a short nap wide roller or a brush.
Packaging REAL CURE 112 is supplied in 5 litres , 20 litres pail and sealed 205 litres drum.
Storage / Shelf Life REAL CURE 112 can be stored for 1 year in tightly sealed original drum or pail.
Health &
Safety Precaution
Inhalation In case of discomfort, move to a ventilated area.
Skin contact Flush skin thoroughly with water.
Eye contact Flush eyes with water and carefully rinse under eyelids. If irritation persists, consult a physician.
Ingestion Immediately rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If conditions worsen, consult a physician immediately.
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