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REAL CRETE WP is a permeabillity reducing admixture for concrete and mortar.

General Description REAL CRETE WP is an integral admixture to significantly reduce the rate of transport of moisture through concrete.

REAL CRETE WP does not contain chemicals that might cause ill effects when used in conjunction with admixture that normally used in concrete. When used as an integral admixture in concrete, reacts with cement hydration process to form a hydrophobic coating on the pore and void surfaces of concrete which reduces the capillary suction and minimizes absorption and penetration of water.

REAL CRETE WP is formulated from blend of purified stearic acid supplied as a white pourable gel.
Concrete structure where subsequent application of tiles or paint is needed
Most applications requiring watertight concrete e.g. basement walls, slabs, drinking water tanks, tunnels, swimming pools, etc.
Advantages / Benefits
Increases durability
Reduces permeability
Increases water-tightness
Reduces surface absorption
Does not affect drinking water in concrete storage tank
Integral protection ensuring reduced permeability throughout the concrete
REAL CRETE WP is recommended at a typical dosage rate of 400 ml to 800 ml per 100kg cement.

REAL CRETE WP should be added separately to the initial batching water to ensure complete distribution throughout the mix.
Packaging REAL CRETE WP is supplied in 5 litres, 20 litres pail and sealed 205 litres drum.
Storage / Shelf Life REAL CRETE WP can be stored for 1 year in tightly sealed original drum or pail.
Health and
Safety Precaution
REAL CRETE WP is non-flammable, non-toxic and slightly alkaline.
Inhalation In case of discomfort, move to a ventilated area.
Skin contact Flush skin thoroughly with water.
Eye contact Flush eyes with water and carefully rinse under eyelids. If irritation persists, consult a physician.
Ingestion Immediately rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If conditions worsen, consult a physician immediately.
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