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REAL BOND is a white, milky emulsion based on modified styrene butadiene polymer.

REAL BOND is formulated as a bonding agent for concrete, cement/sand mortar and masonry works. It is resistant to hydrolysis and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

REAL BOND improves the mechanical adhesive characteristics and waterproofness of cement mixtures.
Form : Liquid emulsion
Appearance : Milky white
Specific gravity : 1.01 kg/l
pH value : 9
Bond strength : > 1.5N/mm²
Cement slurry bonding between old and new concrete substrate
General repair works to concrete chipped edges, honeycombed, spalled concrete and precast elements
As protective coating slurry, uniformity surface coating and rendering
As tile adhesive and bedding compounds
Advantages /
High flexibility
Reduces bleeding
High abrasion resistance
Greatly increases durability
Improves corrosion protection
Cost effective, economical to use
Can be used as curing membranes
Easy to use, simple mixing instruction
Does not re-emulsify when in contact with water
Excellent bond strength between mortar and concrete
Water resistant, suitable for both outdoor and out applications
Non-toxic, suitable for use in portable water retaining structures
Recommended Dosage REAL BOND is recommended for typical mix design for patching/repair mortars, bedding mortar for laying ceramic tiles and masonry works shall be as follows: -
OPC : 5 kg
Sand : 15 kg
REAL BOND : 1 kg
Water : Add to required workability

As a bonding agent, prepare the bonding slurry pouring REAL BOND into appropriate container and mix it with water and cement in the ratio 1:1:2 by volume to a homogenous consistency. The homogenously mixed slurry is simply applied by brush ensuring the surface is wetted out. Do not over apply REAL BOND as slippage of mortar may occur in high build application. Apply the overlay onto the wet slurry. If slurry has dried out, apply a fresh coat. Do not use pure REAL BOND as a primer or slurry, always mix it with cement. Mechanical mixing using a low speed drill (600 rpm) fitted with a wing profile mixing paddle is recommended. Hand mixing should be avoided.

Substrate must be structurally sound and clean from cement laitance. Mould release agent, curing compound, oil, grease or any loose particle which may impair bond must be removed using effective means. Saturate substrate to receive REAL BOND slurry and modified mortars with clean water prior to application.
Packaging REAL BOND is supplied in 5 litres, 20 litres pail and sealed 205 litres drum.
Storage / Shelf Life REAL BOND can be stored for 1 year in tightly sealed original drum or pail.
Health and Safety
Inhalation In case of discomfort, move to a ventilated area.
Skin contact Flush skin thoroughly with water.
Eye contact Flush eyes with water and carefully rinse under eyelids. If irritation persists, consult a physician.
Ingestion Immediately rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If conditions worsen, consult a physician immediately.
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